The SunWave Heating and Cooling System

Based on the application of magneto-caloric paste composed of 100% organic recyclable components.

SunWave World

The SunWave heating and cooling system is based on the application of magneto-caloric paste composed of 100% organic recyclable components, without any side effects on health. It is worth noting that the paste is non-flammable and safe for use in both enclosed and open environments, even at high temperatures.
Not only that, but the infrared rays emitted during the heating process provide an added value, as contact with them has numerous health benefits.

Lets dive in the IR rays world
• Infrared (IR) radiation is radiation with a lower frequency than visible light and higher than radio waves. So, we are talking about a wavelength range between 700 nm and 1 mm (in the infrared band).
• IR is an electromagnetic frequency associated with heat. This is because every object with a temperature above absolute zero (essentially every object that surrounds us) naturally emits infrared waves. Naturally, the higher the temperature of the object, the closer the wavelength gets to visible light until the object becomes incandescent.
• IR radiation, with short and medium wavelengths, penetrates the body’s tissues and can cause damage. The longer the wavelength, the lower the depth of penetration into the tissues.
• Near and short-wave: It is the radiation with the greatest depth of penetration and can affect the retina and adipose tissue.
• Medium-wave: It does not affect the retina and only penetrates the blood vessels, affecting very little adipose tissue.
• Long and far-wave: It does not go beyond the superficial layer of the skin and the horny layer.

SunWaveUSA World

How does it work?

Radiant surface systems use less and less energy compared to combustion-based systems (methane, oil, pellets, etc.). They are also exempt from the frequent maintenance costs required by law for smoke analysis. Furthermore, the energy consumption of the SunWave system is lower than that of heat pumps, especially in extremely cold temperatures.

The SunWave organic paste, applied to various objects such as porcelain tiles, mirrors, grills, boilers, etc., utilizes 80% less electrical current (compared to conventional heating/cooling methods, for the same surface area and thermal insulation conditions) to achieve the same temperature.

Health Benefits:

– Our panels heat the bodies and not the air, thus preventing excessive air dryness in the environment and avoiding various problems associated with this phenomenon.
– It helps reduce and prevent the formation of mold.
– It reduces allergies (neither dust nor allergens circulate in the room).
– It improves blood circulation as infrared (IR) rays are absorbed by the body. This contributes to enhancing the immune system and detoxification.
– Moreover, since the infrared heating panels operate with electrical energy and not combustion, there is no risk of fire or explosion.

Health Benefits

Why Us?

– A patented 100% organic system, free from harmful chemicals and carbon components, safe for any environment.
– Positive effects on health.
– Immediate savings on electricity bills, zero maintenance costs, easy installation.
– 5-year warranty.
– Suitable for any setting: homes, offices, restaurants, gyms, pools, hotels, industrial warehouses, hospitals, schools, institutions, etc.
– Affordable initial cost for all buyer segments.

Why Us
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